What Does a Veterinary Digital Dental Imaging System Cost

By May 10, 2017February 8th, 2022Dental Radiography

The cost for implementing dental radiology is minimal. New Veterinary Digital Dental Imaging systems will cost around $15,000. Newer dental DR/X-ray systems, such as the SOUND HD Dental System, have newer technologies within the sensors and the x-ray generators.  The new Veterinary Dental X-Ray generators, feature solid-state timer systems, which allow use in a digital system.   The SOUND HD Dental generators also use Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology.   The CNT technology results in no warm up time between shots and lighter tube heads, which minimizes drifting of the arms. There are also three different generator options (cart style, wall mounted, and handheld) based on space availability and portability needs. I would recommend avoiding older human dental X-ray generators, as there can be issues with inconsistent exposure times and radiation scatter.  Some of the newer dental DR sensors, such as the SOUND HD Dental, also have a new technology within them called CMOS.  The CMOS sensors result in much higher resolution image quality on a consistent basis.  You should be able to pay for your entire dental radiology investment of around $15,000 in 3-6 months. You will realize income from the dental radiographs, as well as from the treatment of otherwise hidden pathology. What other area of veterinary medicine provides this kind of return?

A more recent advancement in dental radiology is the availability of digital systems, which eliminate the need for film and chemistry, improving the workflow. Digital systems typically range from around $6000 to $16,000 in cost, and are rapidly becoming the standard in practice due to their time savings. Images are organized in a database, and must be backed up regularly to prevent loss of patient records. Some digital imaging software allows for the easy importing of high quality pictures, printing of client letters with radiographs and pictures, and displaying images from the pet on a large screen in the exam room. Owners love seeing pictures and radiographs from their pet!

Sound® the global veterinary imaging leader, recommends the Sound HD Dental to it’s customers looking to add veterinary radiology to the practice. This veterinary specific digital dental system combines a proven CMOS technology sensor, Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology x-ray generators, state of the art software, along with Sound’s excellent customer support. The ease of use and flexibility is rapidly making it a favorite in the veterinary dental community. See the Sound HD Dental product at soundvet.com/dental for more details. The Sound HD Dental system gives you the ability to “Wow” your clients, and educate them about their pet’s care. Additionally, the software is easily integrated with virtually all practice management systems, PACS servers and DICOM systems.

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