Vscan Air™

A Handheld GE Ultrasound Product

Vscan Air handheld ultrasound probe is the 4th generation in the Vscan family. A truly wireless, lightweight handheld ultrasound system that enables the flexible performance of whole-patient scanning anywhere from the convenience of your pocket.

Probe Features:

  • Dual-probe technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pairing across multiple devices
  • IP67 waterproof rating and compatibility with high-level disinfection techniques
  • MIL-810G military-drop standards
  • Up to 50-minute scan time
  • Recharge within 75 minutes (from 10% to 90%)
  • Use any Qi-compliant wireless charger

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See More. Treat Faster. From Anywhere.

A portable and capable system for comprehensive scanning at point of care
Historically, high-quality images have required large and expensive hardware. Additionally, handheld ultrasound devices, though small and ergonomic, were lower image quality. With SignalMAX technology, you don't have to compromise on image quality to have a probe that comfortably fits in your hand. Vscan Air's dual-probe uses the same piezoelectric transducer technology as GE Healthcare's leading ultrasound brands. Each side of the probe is tailor-made for the requested task.
DICOM®, including query from modality wordlist server, store to DICOM PACS,receive storage commitment JPG/MPG export to shared network folders (supports importing into EMR) Share auto-anonymized images with other apps No cloud required — easily share images with owners, colleagues, and social media Secure DICOM including the option of peer authentication

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