A Console GE Ultrasound Product

Intuitive and as easy to use as your personal devices, the updated user interface on the Vivid S70 Ultra Edition helps make scanning straightforward and fast. Tools that harness the power of AI help reduce exam times and also reduce up to 80% of keystrokes. These reductions not only save time but help diminish fatigue and inter-observer variability.


  • Large HD monitor
  • Interactive touch panel
  • cSoundTM architecture
  • Measure assistant
  • Scan assistant
  • B-flow and hybrid b-flow imaging
  • Raw data processing
  • Automated Functional Imaging (AFI)
  • 2D and 4D imaging capabilities
  • ICE imaging
  • AI-based tools

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Powered by AI — Your time is precious. Save it.

The Vivid S70 features cSound Architecture, which combines versatile XDclear probes, cSound Imageformer, and new, advanced Speckled Reduction Imaging (SRI) technology. The result is increased processing power that delivers enhanced data throughput for exceptional image quality, clarity, and confidence.
While intracardiac echo (ICE) is a dynamic and growing space, procedure rooms may be small and overcrowded, and infection control is a constant struggle. With the Vivid Ultra, you can overcome your space constraints while easily navigating imaging via the trackpad and touch screen with your gloves on. HD Color adds precision and insight to your everyday 4D TEE pre-operative screening and diagnostic procedures. Expect more from your ultrasound and benefit from the Vivid family’s advanced multi-plane and 4D visualization and navigation tools.
Vivid S70N Ultra Edition introduces the latest AI-based technology to help reduce tedious tasks and improve workflow efficiency. Diagnose more confidently and accelerate exams via automated (AI-driven) Cardiac Doppler and 2D LV measurements. The results are impressive. Exam time is reduced, operator fatigue minimized with up to 80% fewer clicks to get 2D measurements, and inter-observer variability diminished. Discover the many innovations brought by the Vivid Ultra Edition and, more importantly, how these can contribute to make clinical practice — elevated by you.

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Wide range of applications that help to increase your system’s versatility.

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