VIVID™ iq Ultra

A portable GE Ultrasound Product

This sleek, ultra portable system enables you to take exceptional 2D and 4D image quality where you need it. Also on-board are advanced echo quantification tools and automated workflow to streamline scanning. The Vivid iq Ultra Edition is your perfect companion around the hospital, the medical offices or into the community. Great things do come in small packages.

  • Premium cardiac image quality
  • Quantification tools: 2D Auto EF, TVI and shared services
  • Touch screen
  • Monitor tilt
  • 10% Lighter than the previous Vivid™ iq system
  • 1-Hour battery life
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Wide range of probe capabilities

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Modern Ergonomics. With Innovation, New Possibilities Emerge

You don’t have to sacrifice exceptional image quality for the convenience of a compact system. Wherever you and your patients need it, Vivid iq Vet Ultra delivers premium image quality for cardiac care, including quantification tools like 2D Auto EF, TVI, and shared services.
Intuitive and as easy-to-use as your personal devices, the updated user interface on the Vivid iq Ultra Edition helps make scanning straightforward and fast. Tools that harness the power of AI help reduce exam times and also reduce up to 80% of keystrokes. These reductions not only save time, but help diminish fatigue and inter-observer variability. Clean up time is also minimized due to the sealed operating panel which helps you quickly move onto your next exam.
The improved ergonomic design is based on extensive user feedback and validation. The combination of the full touch screen control with new trackpad swipe and click gestures allow you to maintain support for your hand as you rest on a new ergonomic wrist rest. Scanning in comfort allows you to focus your attention on the image area. Additional ergonomic features for your comfort include an adjustable monitor to customize viewing and typing angles, and a height-adjustable cart for comfortable scanning whether seated or standing.
Standard, Premium, 4D, and Point of Care versions are available, offering from basic 2D echo imaging to advanced 2D and 4D capabilities for quantifying heart and valve function, as well as ICE imaging and integrated connectivity for EP Lab. At the same time, diverse imaging presets and quantification tools for vascular and lung assessments are included, as well as a wide
Designed to go places, the Vivid iq Ultra Edition is lightweight and has up to 4 hours of battery scan time on the Deluxe cart. Even on the go, images can be processed anytime with the GE Healthcare Raw Data technology format. Once your scan is complete, share images quickly and safely between operators and readers with Wi-Fi connectivity and the Streaming Server feature.
The updated touch user interface was designed for convenience and fast scanning, for both left and right-hand users, minimizing muscle strain and helps sustain eye contact with the image area. The new trackpad functionality and ergonomic wrist-rest accessory enable fast scanning and much needed ergonomic support.
  • Do more on the trackpad
  • Minimize cognitive fatigue
  • Intuitive and familiar user interface

Modern Ergonomics

Sleek design with an intuitive user interface
  • 15.6" ultra-high resolution, wide format
  • Multi-touch LCD technology allowing double-click, pinch-to-zoom, swipe to adjust and browse
  • Ultra-lightweight (11.5lb./5.2 Kg.)
  • Sealed user interface allows fast and easy cleaning
  • Glass trackpad allows click to-set
  • 2-finger gestures to adjust gain and depth
  • 4 hours of battery scan time on the Deluxe cart
  • Removable and cleanable storage bin
  • Convenient foot pedal height adjustment control
  • Assorted cable management hooks
  • Multi-probe box (optional) with 3 RSprobe ports and one DLP-probe port to support 6VT-D probe
  • Ergonomic transport push handle

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Wide range of applications that help to increase your system’s versatility.

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