The Versana Premier, is the preeminent ultrasound system of GE’s new Versana line of products. Versana is noteworthy of advanced performance, unambiguous image quality and inclusive productivity and training tools in a new ergonomically versatile industrial design.

Care with Confidence

Large Full HD Display
Articulating Monitor Arm
Touch Panel
Gel Warmer
Height Adjustable Console
Optional Integrated Battery


New Image Processor

with faster frame rates and updated algorithms address demanding clinical needs.

Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning

continuously optimizes the image as you scan, even as you move from one organ or area to another.

Scan Assistant

lets you create standardized exam protocols, reducing fatigue and maximizing exam consistency.

Follow-Up Tool

compares the current and prior exams side-by-side.

Voice Comments

Overlaid on images for playback when reviewing exams.

Scan Coach

is a contextual reference tool. It is with clinical guidance for scan plane acquisition and references for anatomical structures.

Diagnostic Confidence

Versatile System,
Simple to Use

Clinical Images

The Versana Premier in Action


A wide range of probes and surprising list of standard features combined with exceptional performance make Versana the preferred choice for Veterinary medicine.

Ultrasound Knowledge Center

Learn more about Ultrasound and how to make the best choices when implementing into your practice. 

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4 Things Veterinary Ultrasound Can Detect and Diagnose That Digital Radiography Cannot

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What Are the Most Common Problems with Veterinary Ultrasound and How to Solve Them?

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If you’re in the market for a veterinary ultrasound machine, the last thing you want to do is buy a system that is prone to malfunctions or that offers low image quality. These are two of the most common problems associated with ultrasound systems, but they’re certainly not the only ones. Some veterinarians do not appreciate the value of creating a plan to implement ultrasound in their practice before they make the purchase. This can greatly reduce the use of…
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