Veterinary Ultrasound Education

 Academic Courses

Each year the Sound® Academy of Veterinary Imaging provides more ultrasound instruction than all other vendors and North American Universities combined. Our hands-on didactic curriculum is designed in a graduated format and optimized for introductory, intermediate and advanced level students. Each level of training is designed to fit with the next for optimal education progression. For all the details and course information visit

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Conveniently Located

The academy is conveniently located in beautiful Arlington, Texas, 20 minutes from the DFW airport, one of the most accessible airports in the USA.

Hands-On Training

Scan-IQ® – This exclusive tool introduces new users to essential skills required for ultrasound:

  • Hand-Eye coordination and beam to screen relationship
  • Ultrasound system operation and optimization including measurements
  • Introduction and integration of exam protocols
  • Preparation for a confident transition to live scanning

See the Sites

Arlington is home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. There is also a variety of restaurants and theme parks within walking distance from the hotel.

Live Clinical Scanning

Hands-On Scanning is the crown jewel of the Academy. Lead by expert instructors, students scan on a variety of canine and feline subjects throughout the course.

What you will learn:

  • Hands-On scanning
  • Complete exam protocols
  • Clinical confidence
  • When to use ultrasound
  • Return on investment

Transportation & Accommodation

Complimentary transportation from the airport to the academy is provided. There are also hotels conveniently located a few blocks from the academy.

Online Resources

Our mission is to provide ongoing education to maximize diagnostic capabilities and return on investment in the imaging practice.

Video Classes

  • Ultrasound exam basics
  • System instrumentation and optimization
  • Telemedicine protocols
  • Access on any device
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