The Innovative Ultrasound Teaching Tool

The Scan-IQ® helps you practice and master basic ultrasound scanning skills for increased confidence and use.

Contents of the Kit

User Guide

Introductory flip book covering basic set up of the Scan-IQ through to scan planes, transducer movements, challenges and more.


Contains digital copy of the User Guide along with additional training videos.

Scan IQ® Phantom
Scan-IQ Roadmap

Placemat with supportive instruction and content when using the Scan IQ® Phantom.

Inside the Phantom

Spatial Relationships: Thinking in 3D

Advance the Learning Curve….

Bridge the gap between first exposure and confidence

Beam to screen orientation

Master Psychomotor skills

Understanding 3D spatial relationships

Confidence and control in the ultrasound probe positioning

Take a Closer Look

Scan-IQ® The Innovative Ultrasound Training Tool from SOUND® 1:45

Introducing new users to the essential skills required for ultrasound:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Beam to Screen Relationship
  • Ultrasound system operation and optimization including measurements
  • Introduction and integration of exam protocols
  • Prepares you for a confident transition to live scanning

How the Scan-IQ® has Helped

Survey results from our Scan-IQ® users at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging.

Do you believe the training you received with the Scan-IQ has improved your confidence in scanning?

99% Yes Score

How useful is the phantom learning: Probe Orientation?

89% Score (5 Scale CSAT)

How useful is the phantom learning: Beam to Screen Relationship?

92% Score (5 Scale CSAT)

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