The Innovative Ultrasound Teaching Tool

The Scan-IQ® helps you practice and master basic ultrasound scanning skills for increased confidence and use.

Contents of the Kit

User Guide

Introductory flip book covering basic set up of the Scan-IQ through to scan planes, transducer movements, challenges and more.


Contains digital copy of the User Guide along with additional training videos.

Scan IQ® Phantom
Scan-IQ Roadmap

Placemat with supportive instruction and content when using the Scan IQ® Phantom.

Take a Closer Look

Scan-IQ® The Innovative Ultrasound Training Tool from SOUND® 1:45

Introducing new users to the essential skills required for ultrasound:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Beam to Screen Relationship
  • Ultrasound system operation and optimization including measurements
  • Introduction and integration of exam protocols
  • Prepares you for a confident transition to live scanning

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How the Scan-IQ® has Helped

Survey results from our Scan-IQ® users at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging.

Do you believe the training you received with the Scan-IQ has improved your confidence in scanning?

99% Yes Score

How useful is the phantom learning: Probe Orientation?

89% Score (5 Scale CSAT)

How useful is the phantom learning: Beam to Screen Relationship?

92% Score (5 Scale CSAT)

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