Veterinary Ultrasound

Implementing Veterinary Ultrasound Since 1996

Why SOUND® Ultrasound?

  • Helping veterinarians incorporate ultrasound into practice since 1996.
  • Exclusive veterinary partner with GE Ultrasound since 2001.
  • Trained over 12,000 veterinarians  in ultrasound.
  • Over 40 ultrasound courses designed with education progression in mind.
  • Offering a comprehensive ultrasound product portfolio easily accessible for any specialty and budget.
  • Easy to use, self-training platforms with on board Scan Coach, Scan Assistant and Follow Up Tool.

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The Path to Ultrasound Success

Starting on the right path will ensure that your needs, budget, and goals are met. Whether you are new to ultrasound or your system is being underutilized, Sound® will ensure success is achieved for your patients and practice.

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GE Healthcare’s Exclusive United States Veterinary Partner Since 2001

Extraordinary images. Specialized systems. Innovative solutions. Every GE Healthcare ultrasound system is designed with you, your specialty, and your patients in mind. You’re devoted to providing the best patient care. We’re committed to providing technologies to help you excel every day.

Academy of Veterinary Imaging

Conveniently located in beautiful Arlington, Texas; 20 minutes from the DFW airport, one of the most accessible airports in the USA. Our hands-on didactic curriculum is designed in a graduated format and optimized for introductory, intermediate and advanced level students. Each level of training is designed to fit with the next for optimal education progression.