Introducing SmartPACS™ 2.0

SmartPACS 2.0 is the most innovative easy to use image viewing platform that utilizes a hybrid deployment model of the cloud with the speed and accessibility of on-site access. Use SmartPACS 2.0 to view your images confidently from any modality, on any device, any time with unlimited licensing.

Why So Smart?

Any Device

PROBLEM: Does your PACS only work on desktop workstation? Are you bringing imaging into a room with your clients, using a tablet?

SOLUTION: Our SMART platform puts the control back in your hands. You’re no longer restricted to a dedicated workstation or an expiring operating system. Freedom and flexibility is created by our browser based platform that works on all Microsoft, Apple and Android devices.

Unlimited Licensing

PROBLEM: Are you limited to per seat license issues? Are people fighting over a workstation to review imaging?

Our SMART platform saves you time and money. No need for individual license keys or software installations. View images on any workstation in your practice without limitations.

Auto Updates

PROBLEM: Is your PACS software difficult and time consuming to update? Are you several updates behind the current release of your software?

SOLUTION: Our SMART platform handles everything for you. You will receive notifications of updates that will be performed automatically,  ensuring you always have the latest features and best performance.

What Do The Experts Think?

“I have been a board-certified radiologist since 2003; a year when digital imaging was in its early infancy. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to utilize numerous viewers on both Mac and PC based platforms. The technology of these viewers has evolved and improved significantly over the years, but I can honestly say that the SmartPACS 2.0 viewing system is by far the best I have had the opportunity to use. I use the viewer for reading all modalities; CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Radiographs, and find the workflow to be extremely efficient. Perhaps the most unique feature is that your workbench is fully customizable, so that you can configure your viewer in whatever way works for you.”

Dr. Lisa Ziemer, VMD DACVRChief Medical Officer

One PACS, Multi Modalities

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