What to look for in a Veterinary Digital Dental Imaging System

By May 10, 2017February 8th, 2022Dental Radiography

Dental care is becoming a must have in veterinary practices and dental radiography is the core diagnostic modality for veterinary dental care. Today, busy practices are looking for an easy to use system that is feature rich with the correct set of tools to make the job as streamlined as possible.

Key features to look for when evaluating a dental veterinary radiology system:
• Recommended software features:
– Veterinary Specific (human systems are not recommended)
– User Friendly (large buttons with full descriptions and pop up tips) – Direct e-mail of images (for clients and colleagues)
– On-board patient report generator (major workflow enhancer)
– CD image burning
– Auto full-screen display after capture
• Practice Management System Integration – Be sure there’s integration on many levels including Modality Work List (MWL) retrieval, Auto-Routing to PACS, and Data Grabbing technology, at the least.
• Out of warranty sensor replacement – Sensors rarely fail from manufacturing defects; therefore warranty is less important than out of warranty coverage. Look for a company with attractive sensor replacement costs for the life of the product.
• Sensor – Sensor design and durability are very important in veterinary medicine. Be sure the sensor is Direct USB, extremely durable and uses the latest materials for leading edge image quality.
• Support – Without great support the entire system can be worthless.
Be sure the company you work with offers unlimited phone and web based support at no charge for life. You may need help with tasks like configuring custom patient reports, integration to PM software and PACS, assistance with positioning techniques. Make a wish list of what’s important to you before speaking to a representative.
X-ray Machine – Look for a machine with incremental time adjustments, predefined anatomical selections, an optional integrated laptop tray in mobile or wall mount.

Sound® the global veterinary imaging leader, recommends the Sound HD Dental to it’s customers looking to add veterinary radiology to the practice. This veterinary specific digital dental system combines a proven CMOS technology sensor, Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology x-ray generators, state of the art software, along with Sound’s excellent customer support. The ease of use and flexibility is rapidly making it a favorite in the veterinary dental community. See the Sound HD Dental product at soundvet.com/dental for more details. The Sound HD Dental system gives you the ability to “Wow” your clients, and educate them about their pet’s care. Additionally, the software is easily integrated with virtually all practice management systems, PACS servers and DICOM systems.

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