doctorVet Small Animal Laser

The Self

Training Laser

SOUND® has taken its 20+ years of veterinary experience and developed a therapy laser with an innovation beyond what currently exists in the market: a built-in laser training assistant specifically designed to increase efficacy and consistency of clinical results.

Works. Simply.

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

3-Touch Interface

A specifically-tailored protocol for the patient and condition presented is never more than 3 touchs of the screen away.


doctorVet’s portable design allows therapy to be conducted on battery in multiple treatment rooms and even in the surgical suite post-op.


Treatments with On-Board Instructions (TOBI) provides details on what makes up each protocol and advice on how exactly to administer treatments to the highest effect.

Interchangeable Treatment Heads

Whether it is inside the ear or mouth, deep into a soft-tissue injury, or on a superficial wound, doctorVet offers the right tool for the right job.

Take a Closer Look

An Advanced Therapy Laser with Innovations that Actually Matter

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SOUND® has taken its 20+ years of experience in veterinary-specific capital equipment and expanded its reach to the small animal therapy market. We surveyed current laser therapy users and brought the essential components to play, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Laser Therapy Knowledge Center

Learn more about Laser Therapy and how to make the best choices when implementing into your practice. 

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Interchangeable Treatment Heads

doctorVet treatment heads are designed for a fast and easy connection to the laser. They are autoclavable, light and provide versatility for every condition you treat.

Highlights & Features

Everything You Need

doctorVET employs a deeply penetrating wavelength with enough power to deliver therapeutic doses to clinically meaning treatment volumes in clinically advantageous treatment times. Its frequency range is as broad as any other therapy laser available. This all adds up to predictably remarkable results for your patients and immediate economic impact for your practice. doctorVET is the most cost-effective laser therapy solution on the market.

Advanced Online Support

Employee turn-over often presents a huge challenge to clinical management. Most laser companies sell you the laser, then have no reason to provide re-training. Sound® brings all of the initial on board training to your clinic ON DEMAND. Our interactive education portal provides expert instruction on the science of photobiomodulation, laser safety, treatment methodologies, and even business model advice so that you get the most out of your laser.

Nothing You Don’t

The market is riddled with products that boast complex user interfaces and complicated protocol selection workflows. The point of a therapy laser is to be immediately useful and intuitive to a technician staff that has better things to do with their time than to try to decipher the difference between tendonitis and tendinosis when they are tasked with treating an elbow. doctorVet’s intuitive interface brings you to the treatment screen with a fully optimized protocol in no more than 3 touches of the screen.

TOBI, a Vet’s Best Friend

Proper training is essential to effective clinical use. But it is dificult to prepare a technician to treat every condition presented. DoctorVET teaches in real-time with step-by-step, on board instructions. Our team of experts, with a combined 20+ years of veterinary laser therapy experience, know how to get clinical results. Within every phase of treatment, specialized advice is displayed to guide the technician through the intricacies of treatment techniques that provide maximum therapeutic efficacy.