doctorVet Plus

A Class IV Laser Therapy Product 

Sound continues to leverage its industry expertise and deep-seated vendor relationships to learn what veterinarians want and produce what technicians need. Efficacy through consistency, consistency through education, education built into technology.


  • Portable Design
  • Battery Powered
  • 9” LED Touch-Screen
  • Android Operating System
  • Interchangeable Treatment Heads
  • Treatments with On-Board Instructions (TOBI)
  • 3-touch interface
  • Full integration to PMS and PACS
  • Per-owner connection
  • WiFi auto-updates via VetCloud
  • Education support materials

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Everything you need in a therapy laser and nothing that you don’t.

doctorVet provides two deeply powerful penetrating wavelengths to deliver clinically meaningful therapeutic treatment with a frequency range as broad as any other laser. This adds up to remarkable results for your patients and immediate economic impact for your practice.
Upgraded Industry Leading Specs
  • 15 Watts Continuous Wave Power
  • 16 Watt Peak Pulse Power
  • 10 Watt Average Pulse Power
  • 800 & 915 nm Wavelength
  • 500 mW 635 nm (Red) Treatment Beam
  • 1 nW 520 nm (Green) Aiming Beam
  • Pulsing Capabilities up to 25,000 Hz
Not every treatment area is the same. With multiple treatment heads and the ability to modify the spot size, treatments—in contact or non-contact mode—can fit your patient.
  • Most versatile of all treatment heads
  • Promotes optimal penetration in contact mode
  • Spot-size adjustable for non-contact treatment
  • For those harder- to-reach areas
  • Ideal for intra-oral and intra-aural treatments
  • Easy-to-use for acupuncture therapy
  • Don’t treat rectangular areas with a circular beam
  • Ideal for post-surgical incisions and large wounds
  • More comfortable for long tendon injuries
Proper training is essential to effective clinical use. But it is difficult to prepare a technician to treat every condition presented. DoctorVET+ teaches in real-time with step-by-step, on board instructions. Our team of experts, with a combined 20+ years of veterinary laser therapy experience, know how to get clinical results. Within every phase of treatment, specialized advice is displayed to guide the technician through the intricacies of treatment techniques that provide maximum therapeutic efficacy.
Employee turn-over often presents a huge challenge to clinical management. Most laser companies sell you the laser, then have no reason to provide re-training. SOUND® brings all of the initial on board training to your clinic ON DEMAND. Our interactive education portal provides expert instruction on the science of photobiomodulation, laser safety, treatment methodologies, and even business model advice so that you get the most out of your laser.

The first fully integrated therapeutic modality

doctorVet+ therapy laser is the first of its kind, delivering a fully integrated solution into your practice for better patient care and quality outcomes.
FEATURE: Connects to Practice Management Software (PMS) via Modality Worklist Server (MWL) BENEFIT:
  • IMPROVES record keeping
  • STREAMLINES to the standard veterinary workflow
  • ELIMINATES double data entry
  • FREES UP tech time
When it comes to digital imaging, you would not even consider buying a system that could not integrate with your practice management system. That’s because you automatically understand the benefits in workflow and time savings for your technician staff, avoiding multiple data entry and human error. So why dont you apply this same criteria to your therapy lasers? Simple. Because the technology never existed. Until now.
  • FORMALIZES record keeping
  • INTEGRATES a therapy modality into veterinary practice
  • ENABLES cross-reference of diagnostics with therapeutics
When it comes to digital imaging, you would not even consider buying a system that could not integrate with your PACS system. With doctorVet+, every single laser therapy session you complete can be automatically routed to your PACS server or cloud storage account. This makes viewing, reporting, and sharing laser treatment info as easy and commonplace as sharing DR images. This information is available at your finger tips from any device (smartphone, laptop, clinic workstation) at any time, in real-time.
FEATURE: Email/SMS Treatment SUMMARY & FOLLOW UP ADVICE customizable report to PET OWNER directly from THE LASER BENEFIT:
  • IMPROVES client communications
  • INCREASES compliance
  • ENHANCES pet-owner education
One of the missing links in laser therapy is pet-owner communication and education. doctorVet’s TOBI (Treatments with On-Board Instructions) helps to bridge that gap with real-time information on laser therapy. With doctorVet+ that same information, including clinical expectations, recommended home-care, and even prescribed number and frequency of treatments can be emailed directly to the pet-owner from the laser. This closes the gap even further on pet-owner awareness and truly enhances compliance.
FEATURE: On-board ANALYTICS for practice-level view of UTILIZATION. BENEFIT:
  • INCREASES modality awareness
  • IDENTIFIES new treatment opportunities
  • ENHANCES implementation
The real way to track your laser usage is through your Practice Management System, and since doctorVet+ connects to the MWL server, this is easier than ever. But if you want a quick look at the most common treatments you perform, doctorVet+ also has a built-in analytics platform that enables you to drill down into the species and conditions performed in a given week, month, or all-time. In an intuitive, animated interface, you can identify trends and gaps in your laser implementation.

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