Sound SmartDR®

Intelligent Digital Radiography

Sound SmartDR® is the best-selling digital radiography system in veterinary history with 4000+ installations over the last 5 years. Created to be the easiest, most intuitive digital radiography system ever for veterinary use. With speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind, you have essential controls at your fingertips and expert tools only a touch away. Combining MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing with state of the art workflow, enables users to get more out of radiography than ever before.

Less is MORE

Sound SmartDR® introduces new product enhancements that reduce radiation exposure, eliminate unnecessary components, and improve everyday workflow to optimize your practice.

Utilizing new ultra-efficient digital radiography detector electronics, smartDR+ provides a greater signal-to-noise ratio than ever before.

  • The power of MUSICA’s intelligent image processing
  • A simplified low-dose technique chart
  • High-quality diagnostic images
  • Less radiation exposure.
With SmartDetect, there is no longer any need to synchronize the digital radiography system with the x-ray generator.

  • Streamlines the installation process
  • Eliminates unnecessary input/output boxes, sync cables
  • Reduces failure points
  • Decreases troubleshooting time
  • Increases time spent caring for your patients.

Smart Image Processing

MUSICA automatically analyzes each image based on each of its contrast levels, optimizes each independently, and re-combines for an enhanced image, every time.

  • Powerful enough to handle high-sensitivity panels with low-dose techniques
  • Balanced enough to simultaneously present soft-tissue and bone structures clearly
  • Intelligent enough to handle variations in species, size, anatomy, and x-ray technique, with no manual tuning
  • Consistent enough to provide high quality diagnostics from patient-to-patient, view-to-view, and user-to-user
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Smart Workflow

Optimized Image Acquisition – With speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind, workflow is optimized with three or less steps to acquisition.

Touch Friendly User Interface

Easy intuitive interface designed for a touch-screen environment

On-Demand Training and Support

On-demand help videos and technical support enable new users to be trained on imaging in minutes

Custom Protocols

Easily create custom protocols to streamline study creation

Workflow Optimized

Optimized image acquisition workflow with 3 steps or less to acquiring an image

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing

Consistently high image quality patient to patient, view to view and user to user

3D Position Assistant

Proper positioning reference at the finger- tips for common to not so common views

Smart Support

On-demand help videos and technical support enable new users to be trained on imaging in minutes and delivers fast access to help when it’s needed most.

Take a Closer Look

Sound Smart DR – The Intelligent Digital Radiography System from Sound 1:45

Highly versatile and compact computed radiography solution offering high speed and high image quality.

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing 1:51

MUSICA knows how to automatically tune for any patient, species, or size, delivering consistently high image quality.

Digital Radiography Knowledge Center

Learn more about Digital Radiography and how to make the best choices when implementing into your practice. 

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“We look at images from virtually every digital radiography system marketed to veterinarians coast to coast. The images we see from SMART DR with MUSICA are the best images we see. I don't think there's an imaging processing system out there better than MUSICA.”

Bennett FaginDVM, DACVR - Vet-Rad, Ltd

“Why SOUND SMART DR? Someone who’s never seen the system before can walk up and know exactly what to do, it’s that intuitive. Sound has also taken support to the next level. From SOUND SMART DR you can chat live with a technician and they’re working on your system instantly.”

Terry BesnierRVT, Imaging PACS Administrator

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