OEC 9800 Plus

A Classic Choice

High quality images from a dependable,  flexible C-arm. That’s what more than 11,000 OEC 9800 systems in use world-wide provide in thousands of life-altering procedures each year. When you need a trusted and proven C-arm to help you power through a case, choose a classic. Choose the OEC 9800 Plus.

Classic is something of lasting worth with a timeless quality.

Classic is a standard, well-recognized

Display Console
PreView™ Tungsten Rotatable
High Level Pulsed Fluoro
15kW, 60 kHz Generator
Diagnostic Confidence

Laser Aimer

Allows for real time position verification without X-ray exposure.

Select Features

Image Quality

The 9800 Plus – The Definition of Superb Image Quality – The penetrating power of the 9800 Plus’ 15kW rotating anode X-ray tube, coupled with the tube cooling system and small focal spot, has enabled dense anatomy penetration with ease for many years.

Ease of Use

With a reputation for simplicity and quality, OEC features and functions have been defining easy C-arm operation for more than 10 year.



OEC has a long history of dependability and trust. Outstanding technology leadership and dedicated employees across the globe build and maintain only the highest quality 9800 Plus C-arms.


A  fixture in many ER, OR, ICU, Pain Management and Outpatient settings, the 9800 is your multi-purpose workhorse.

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