Fusion Equine DR®


Canon Reliability with Sound Expertise.

Equine radiograph X-Ray

FUSION Equine DR brings together the best of both – Canon Reliability with Sound Expertise. Veterinary specific, industry leading Sound Smart DR software with the reliability and performance of Canon hardware. Backed by the Gold Standard in image processing – MUSICA VET, the FUSION Equine DR is in a league of its own. Now available in our durable hard case for easy transportation of your system, from truck to patient, perfect for a veterinarian on the go.


  • Rugged 14” tablet workstation
  • Hard-side carrying case.
  • Monitor elevating station
  • MusicaVET intelligent image processing
  • Sound SmartDR® software
  • Integrated power system
  • Integrated battery charger & cable management
  • Multiple panel options


Download the Fusion Equine DR Product Brochure

Built with our customer’s working conditions in mind.

Acquire images with diagnostic confidence in even the harshest conditions with our intuitive software.
The SOUND 14” Rugged Tablet - reliable, safe environment use, consistent performance:
  • IP65 rated for water and dust resistance
  • Military Specification for shock, vibration, EMI and EMC
  • 2 Hot-swappable batteries up to 6 hours of continuous use
  • Sunlight Readable HD Display
  • 1TB SSD with Windows 10 Embedded OS
  • Intel 8th Gen i5 Quad Core Processor - high performance, low power use
WORK FLOW OPTIMIZED Three steps or less to acquisition with an Intuitive interface and easily customized protocols to streamline shot-list creation.
ON-BOARD TRAINING & SUPPORT On-board help videos enable new users to be trained on imaging in minutes. On-system live chat with trained technicians delivers fast access to help when it’s needed most.
3D POSITION ASSISTANT Proper positioning reference at the finger- tips for common to not so common views. Get the image you want the first time.
MusicaVET knows how to automatically tune for any patient, species, or size, delivering consistently high image quality.
  • Balanced presentation of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures
  • Realistic representation of anatomy, not over processed
  • Gold standard in veterinary radiology
  • Available in both 11”x14” or 14”x17” cesium wireless auto-sense panel options
  • Improved cycle time between exposures
  • IP65 rated for water and dust resistance
  • Sound Custom Equine Handle and Panel Holder ONLY available on CXDI-810C Detector.

Looking for the flexibility of a stationary and mobile DR Unit?  

SmartDR Fusion GO allows you to take your stationary digital radiography panel and acquisition station anywhere in your practice with the addition of a portable generator.

  • Power: both panel and acquisition charge when docked and have batteries to support them when removed.
  • Portable: ergonomic removable handle for an easy transition.
  • Panel: 17×17 Canon Panel
  • Position: Designed specifically for Surgical, Internal Medicine, Zoos, Wildlife, and Universities.
  • Download the Fusion DR GO Brochure to Learn More!

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