NEXT Equine DR®

The First Stand-Up

Portable DR

NEXT Equine DR® has evolved the imaging experience. The industry’s first monitor elevation system enables and enhances image review and communication while standing. Reviewing images on a large screen with gesture controls allows for easy zoom and window level optimization, improving client communication and diagnostic confidence when making tough decisions in the field.

Experience the Evolution of Equine Imaging

Industry First Monitor Elevation System

NEXT Equine DR
Power Station

Battery charging and panel storage.

Durable Hardshell Case

All in one solution for the Equine practitioner.

Streamline Workflow

Easily create custom protocols to streamline workflow

3D Position Assistant

Make sure you get the image you want, the first time

NEXT Equine DR standup
18″ HD Screen

Rotates to accommodate anatomy.

Monitor Elevator System

Adjustable height to enable stand-up use.

Take a Closer Look

See why NEXT Equine DR® is the Best Selling in Equine History

The First Stand-Up Portable DR 1:43

Revolutionary equine digital radiography system from SOUND®. NEXT Equine DR™ is the First Stand-Up Portable DR of it’s kind and leads the way in image quality and workflow.

In the Field with Jeffery T. Berk, VMD 3:13

Dr Jeffery T. Berk demonstrates the ease of use of the Next Equine DR first stand up portable DR system from SOUND®.

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing 1:51

MUSICA knows how to automatically tune for any patient, species, or size, delivering consistently high image quality.

The Best Selling Equine DR System in History

Mobile DICOM Workstation

  • Durable Hardshell Case
  • Integrated Battery Charger
  • Integrated Power System
  • Multiple Panel Options
  • Cesium Wireless Autosense
  • Custom Equine Handle System
  • Available in 10″x12″ & 14″x17″

Industry Leading Sound Smart DR™ Software

Sound Smart DR™ refines the imaging experience with seamless integration from capture to cloud to review.

Equine DR image

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing

Combining MUSICA Intelligent Image processing with state of the art workflow, enables users to get more out of radiography than ever before.

MUSICA knows what you’re looking for:

  • Balanced presentation of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures
  • A truly innovative “hands-free” medical image processor
  • Realistic representation of anatomy, not over processed
  • Gold standard in human and veterinary radiology
  • Confident comfortable reading

On-Board Training & Support

On-board help videos – Enable new users to be trained ond imaging in minutes. On-system live chat – With trained technicians delivers fast access to help when it’s needed most.


3D Position Assistant

Proper positioning reference at the finger- tips for common to not so common views.

Diagnostic Confidence

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing

MUSICA automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters – independent of body part and dose deviations. This delivers consistently high image quality patient to patient, view to view and user to user.

"The NEXT DR system from SOUND® is the go-to system for image acquisition speed, image quality, and efficient workflow. The image quality on thick body parts is outstanding, and the large display is great for ensuring you have the image you want the first time."

James P. Morehead, DVM

“Working with SOUND® is not just buying a product, it’s really an experience, an all encompassing thing. In every respect SOUND® has been great. The image quality is so good on the NEXT Equine DR unit that it actually makes other images from other units look inadequate. We do thousands and thousands of radiographs because we do repository work, so we’ve really tested the unit and had no problems with it, it’s just such a pleasure to use. We have 27 horses to X-Ray today and we’re rolling right through it.”

Jeffrey T. Berk, VMD

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