Dentalaire DTX

Your #1 Choice for a Veterinary

Dental Imaging System

The Dentalaire DTX provides state of the art image quality
supported by a highly reliable design to ensure your dental practice runs as seamless and efficient as possible. Dentalaire DTX software features Canine, Feline and equine tooth charts with species and breed selections. We also have you covered with unlimited phone and web based support included.

DTX Digital Dental Imaging System

Designed specifically for veterinary dentistry

Don’t be mislead…there is no such thing as a bite proof sensor. Prevention is the key…Dentalaire offers a real solution.

Bite Resistant Sensor
Protective Sensor Boot
Prevention Education
Tooth Prop

The features and benefits of the DTX Dental Imaging System make it the perfect system to take your dental imaging needs to the next level.

Dentalaire DTX Imaging Software

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive multi-windowed design for maximum user friendliness
  • Veterinary specific workflow functions
  • Direct e-mailer – Image burner – Auto route to multiple PACS
  • Customizable patient reports
  • Advanced image comparison
  • Unique image tagging functionality
  • Real time filters, advanced image labeling and enhancements
  • Unmatched DICOM capabilities including MWL query and
    auto routing to PACS
  • Waterproof, hermetically sealed housing is cold sterilizable and eliminates damage from bodily fluids

Patient Report

  • Spawn from examination image to extraction procedure
  • Auto full screen view after capture
  • Anatomically correct display on capture and view screen
  • Rubber sensor boot for added protection and positioning aid
  • patented bite-resistant sensor housing for unmatched durability
  • Direct USB eliminates connections and improves durability
  • Patented photodiode to automatically control over exposure
Dentelaire Patient Report
Dentelaire Image compare

Image Compare

  • High quality CMOS chip, fiber optic plate and CSI scintillator provide superior image quality
  • High quality CMOS chip, fiber optic plate and CSI scintillator provide superior image quality
  • Patented top corner shape for easier positioning on molars
  • Unlimited phone and web based support at no charge for life including software updates
  • Assistance with integration on to PMS AND PACS, customization of patient reports and much more
  • Embedded high speed USB 2.0 interface for direct connection to the PC
  • State of the art image quality achieved with CSI scintillator and fiber optic plate (FOP)
  • Highly reliable design with patented cable output and watertight housing
  • 3 year sensor warranty
  • The best DICOM software capabilities in the market
  • Software features canine, feline and equine tooth charts with species and breed selections
  • Integration with all major practice management applications
  • Unmatched, unlimited support for life
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Sensor design and durability are very important in veterinary medicine. Be sure the sensor is Direct USB, extremely durable and uses the latest materials for leading edge image quality.


Without great support the entire system can be worthless. Be sure the company you work with offers unlimited phone and web based support at no charge for life. You may need help with tasks like configuring custom patient reports, integration to PM software and PACS, assistance with positioning techniques. Make a wish list of what’s important to you before speaking
to a representative.


(Practice Management System Integration)

Be sure there’s integration on many levels including Modality Work List (MWL) retrieval, Auto-Routing to PACS, and Data Grabbing technology, at the least.

Out of Warranty

Sensors rarely fail from manufacturing defects; therefore warranty is less important than out of warranty coverage. Look for a company with attractive sensor replacement costs for the life of the product.

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