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Customer Experience MATTERS

Whether you are a new customer or a loyal lifetime customer of SOUND®, we want to ensure every interaction you have with us from this website, our sales team to customer support is the very best experience for you and your practice. We have created a dedicated department that specializes in your experience with SOUND®. Feel confident and secure that SOUND® is the right partner in veterinary imaging and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Company 2021 Scores

NPS (Net Promoter Score)
CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)

““Best installation of any equipment we’ve had.””

B. Berry01/26/2022

““They get it done, and make me look good.””

Lake Murray Village Veterinary Clinic | D. Osalla02/23/2022

““Quality products and service.””

J. Daugherty, DVM02/26/2022

“"Absolutely the fastest resolution of a technical issue I have ever had with a company."”

Montville Animal Hospital| M. Cliett10/30/21

“"Great customer service every time."”

Animal Emergency & Specialty | B. Hutton10/28/21

““Professionalism and quality.””

S. Sears, DVM03/1/2022

““Very professional and courteous.””

Flathead County Animal Shelter | C. Bennett03/21/2022

““The Sound team of products and support have been instrumental in the success of our practice. The ability to create lasting relationships is unique in todays in business environment.””

C. Morrow, DVM03/25/2022

““Sound is always extremely helpful with support, helpful and follow through to ensure that all our needs have been met and that the system is functioning at peak performance! Thank you!!!””

M. Oakley, DVM03/15/2022

“"Very good product with prompt friendly customer service."”

Kris Koss, DVM| K. Koss9/2/21

““Customer service is ALWAYS stellar!! Thank you so much.””

Crestwood Court Veterinary Clinic | K. Bentley03/03/2022

“"I appreciate the quick, efficient response."”

Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland | B. Goldstein8/24/21