A Samsung 8-Slice Mobile CT Product 

CereTom®, being a battery powered, wirelessly connected, self-shielded, and portable CT scanner, avoids you the expenses and hassle of engineering buildout and high- end electrical retrofitting. Instead, this is a plug-and-play option that has you scanning on the same day as delivery. In fact, because you can roll the scanner into the surgical suite to scan, you can add pre- and post-op scans into your workflow and revenue stream.


  • Mobile Design
  • Battery Powered
  • Standard 110V Electrical
  • Self-shielded
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 8-Slice detector (1.25 mm slice; reconstructed down to 0.625mm in Helical Scans)
  • Axial, Helical, & Dynamic (Perfusion, Angiography) Scanning
  • Windows-based Laptop Workstation
  • Intuitive, Veterinary-Specific User Interface
  • On-board Reconstruction Computer
  • 2D, 3D & Multi-Planar Reconstruction


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CereTom Mobile CT: Made to fit every practice and any budget

Sound is proud to partner with Samsung NeuroLogica and its line of CT scanners. With 10+ years of veterinary installations, the CereTom® has proven to be a valuable asset in the small animal clinic.
  • NeCT (8-Slice Portable CT Scanner)
  • CT Angiography with Bolus Tracking
  • Scout Scan (Lateral & AP)
  • Lead Curtain Upgrade
  • Imaging Station and Case
  • Veterinary-Specific GUI
  • 2D Software
  • Multi Planar Reconstruction (MPR)
  • 3D Volumetric Reconstruction
  • 2GB USB Flash Drive
  • LG Veterinary Scanning Platform
  • 4 Velcro Straps for Patient Positioning Included
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Floor space is a premium in veterinary clinics. Expanding your offerings by providing CT to your clients formerly involved expensive build-outs that include lead-lined walls, 3-phase 480V electrical in a dedicated 14’ x 20’ suite with adjacent control room with lead glass. Now any tech in your practice can roll a wireless, battery-powered, self- shielded CT scanner into virtually any room of your clinic — including the surgical suite -- to perform real-time advanced imaging.

With full 3D and Multi-Planar Reconstructions generated within SECONDS of image acquisition by way of an on-board reconstruction computer, CereTom offers an immediate and powerful tool to your diagnostic arsenal.
Unlike Cone Beam technology which has diagnostic shortcomings in contrast-resolution for larger anatomies and soft-tissue sections of the thorax and abdomen, CereTom® ‘s multi-slice acquisition offers reliable diagnostic power throughout the full anatomy. Also, since your CereTom® comes with unlimited cloud storage with Antech Imaging Services, a radiologist read is only a click away.

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