Date: 2016

Donation: Complete Mark 1210C DR System, EcoRay Portable Generator & X-ray Table, 10 free customer support calls.

Clinic Statement/Story:

No kill cat clinic supported by charitable donations. Julie at Purrfect Pals wrote a letter saying:

“Hi, my name is Julieana and I volunteer at  Purrfect Pals which is a nonprofit no kill cat shelter since 1988 in Arlington WA. We  have a clinic on site with a Veterinarian and vet techs working daily to provide medical care for hundreds if not thousands of cats and kittens every year.  However we still need to take the cats offsite to another vet clinic to get imaging done then bring cats back for treatment. As the shelter runs entirely on  donations we are looking for any donated digital imaging equipment whether used, refurbished or even a referral to another to be able to help provide faster treatment and minimize further trauma to these kitties. Thank you for your time and we appreciate any help you are able to provide.”

In response, SOUND donated a complete digital X-Ray system with free tech support to Purrfect Pals. This donation made it possible for cats in the Puget Sound area to get the help they need.