Date: 2020

Donation: Digital Radiography

Clinic Statement/Story:

In 2020 Sound Imaging along with the generous contributions from DT Research and Mikasa were able to donate a full DR system to La Senda Verde Animal Refuge in Boliva. The DR equipment has been a blessing for them as during the pandemic they received in approx. 120 more new animals from traffic, very sad. They continue to work hard using the DR equipment quite frequently which has been crucial for determining the right procedures. The refuge opened for visits last April, with controlled groups of 8 people and right now are accepting groups of 12. This is not enough to support all their needs, but very slowly they are trying to go back to normal. Everyone in their staff has been the vaccinated now. Here is an unfortunate case of an injured male Tunki (common name). These birds will self-destruct in captivity. Anyway with the broken wing would have been difficult.

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