Date: 2017

Donation: Ultrasound & Training

Clinic Statement/Story:

2 Rhinos now pregnant – click here

Only three Northern White Rhinos remain in the world, and they are located at the Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya, Africa. Unable to reproduce normally, the San Diego zoo personnel are valiantly working to save the species using the In Vitro Fertilization technique. This amazing project also includes an advanced genetics program in embryo development that is part of the Frozen Zoo at the Safari Park. The Zoo acquired a select group of Southern White rhinos (recently brought to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, CA) to use as surrogates for the Northern White Rhino Frozen Zoo. Always the good neighbor, and longtime supporter of the world famous zoo, SOUND® donated ultrasound equipment to assist with this bold reproductive program. The ultrasound equipment is used for follicular monitoring and early stage fetal development when successful breeding occurs. SOUND® not only donated the ultrasound system but also provided the training resources to help zoo personnel in their noble efforts to save this endangered species from extinction.

We follow the zoo’s progress daily in hopes of positive results. You can follow the progress along with us at: