Date: 2017

Donation: Employee Time/Medical Care

Clinic Statement/Story:

The Equitarian Project is put on by the Texas Equine Veterinary Association. This project includes sending out volunteers to countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua. The trips are scheduled biannually bringing veterinarians to provide medical care to the horses there. They go once in February and again in the fall. In these countries the medical care for the horses is not easily accessible and the horses are used daily for work.

Each year, Scott Giebler Director, Equine Channels, is a team leader for one of the groups going to Guatemala. Along with SOUND customers, one being Dr. Jessica Huntington of Stephenville Quine and Sports Medicine, he was joined by fellow SOUND employee, Lisa Riseman of Fort Collins, CO. They stay busy by seeing 30-100 horses a day and provide the horses with dentistry, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, parasite treatment, and exposure to local farriers. MWI and Full Bucket provide substantial amounts of the required vaccines, anthelmentics, equipment and nutritional support. Since  joining the Teva Equitarian Project several years ago, Giebler has started to see some horses come back again and again getting better each time. The owner’s of these horses are learning the proper care for their horses from this group of volunteers.

Since they go biannually, they are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to go on your own time, please contact Scott Giebler for more information.​