Meet Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Sound®‘s Executive Team is a diverse and committed team working hard to develop and lead strategies and initiatives that will pave the way of success for our customers, business and employees.

Tom Jacobi


Tom Jacobi has served as the President of Sound® Technologies since 2012, after serving as Sr VP, Global Sales and Marketing for over 6 years.  Tom served in the USMC at MAG-24 Kaneohe, Oahu and Brooke Army Medical Center and Walter Reed MC in Washington, DC where he completed his Radiology Sciences degree specializing in Diagnostic Ultrasound.  Tom’s commercial work began in 1990 with Toshiba Medical Systems in clinical applications, then sales and sales management with Siemens Acuson in Michigan before joining Sound™ Technologies in 2002.

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Mark Michael

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for managing the Research & Development, Production, Installation, and Technical Support and Service Teams.  He is responsible for Sound’s over 12,000 veterinary clients worldwide in all aspects of product lifecycle and support.  Mark also oversees the Customer Experience Team which guides Sound’s relationship with its customers, vendors, and internal team members.

In 1991 Mark began his tenure at VCA by joining a regional diagnostic laboratory that was acquired in 1996.  As Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ANTECH Diagnostics he oversaw a period of unparalleled growth as revenue grew from 50 million to 300 million dollars and ANTECH became the largest veterinary reference laboratory in the world.

Mark has three grown children and now has time to enjoy spending time along the beaches of Southern California.  He can often be found swimming, bicycling, or running along the coast.

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Alex Senecal

Sr Vice President Finance

Alexandra Senecal oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis functions at SOUND®.  Alex joined SOUND® in 2006 as Assistant Controller and has worked closely with senior leadership since her arrival.

Alexandra spent most of her career in the software industry including roles at HP, Peregrine, and Macromedia who was later acquired by Adobe.  Passionate about technology and animals, the move to SOUND® was a natural fit.  She has over 15 years of experience building and leading accounting teams in technology companies with significant operating scale and complexity. Resourceful & innovative, she always searches for new ways to improve the accounting & operational functions and elevate best practices.

Alexandra holds a master’s degree in Global Management from the University of Phoenix.  In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading technical books, hiking, and exploring new fun activities.

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Employee Spotlight

Our customers expect us to deliver top of the line customer service, which takes all of the strengths from our team to achieve. Each of our
employees are driven by passion to improve the health and quality of life for animals. We work hard to identify people that have
diverse experiences and skill sets to improve themselves, their team, and the company.

Megan Chumbley

Executive Programs Coordinator

Why do you like working here?
Coming straight from college, I love being around such talented people. I learn so much from my coworkers and appreciate their friendliness and support as I grow. I also love the growth opportunities that are presented here.

What do you do here?

My job title is an executive programs coordinator. I am heavily involved in a lot of the company’s initiatives, have become the project administrator on different projects, and have picked up a lot of responsibilities along the way. Some of the things I have done are manage the customer surveying method and data, newsletters, administrative duties in HR, event planning, creating reports, and so much more. They keep me busy and I would not want it any other way.

What has your growth within the company looked like?

I started as an executive assistant. As time went on, I picked up a lot of responsibilities that did not fit the title executive assistant. Within 6 months, I was given a new title and job description as the executive programs coordinator. With a growing company like Sound ®, there are a lot of growth opportunities for someone like me.

Raquel DeArman

Warranty Specialist

Why do you like working here?
Representing a solid and trustworthy company such as Sound ® brings me a great deal of pride. It is exciting and very much a privilege, to be a part of the growth and success of this organization. Sound ® feels very much like home to me and my colleagues are like family.

What do you do here?
As a Warranty Specialist, I provide our customers with warranty options for their Digital Radiography and Ultrasound equipment prior to the end of their 1st year of coverage. Listening to their needs allows me to guide them into an extended service coverage plan that best suits the needs of their clinic. Giving them that peace of mind is pivotal to ensuring the success of their business. Their satisfaction is my number one priority; helping them to feel comfortable with our partnership is my goal.

What has your growth within the company looked like?
I have been with Sound ® for the last fifteen years working primarily in the Customer Care capacity. My growth within the company has been steady and consistent. I am grateful for the experience and for the relationships I have developed along the way.

Brandon Carlin

Senior Sales Account Manager

Why do you like working here?
I truly love working for Sound ®. If you are a performer, Sound ® compensates your efforts monetarily.  More importantly, I am compensated with Autonomy.  I love the freedom I have to run my territory as it’s my own business, setting my schedule and attending VMA’s.  This freedom allows me to concentrate on the task at hand…moving merchandise.

What do you do here?
I am a Senior Sales Account Manager for the Ultrasound division. I cover nine states for all small & large animal sales, to include coverage of National & local tradeshows. I work with new reps when hired, to help with the acclimation of GE Ultrasound and the Sound ® process.

What has your growth within the company looked like?
Sound ® has allowed me to grow as a professional sales rep. Having been in veterinary Ultrasound Sales for over 10 years, Sound ® has given me opportunities outside of the small animal world. I have watched our equine division grow exponentially, and have had recent access to research facilities. By cultivating the exclusive relationship with GE Veterinary ultrasound, Sound will continue to grow, along with all of its employees!

Meet Our Pets

Walking through the hallways there are countless photos of animals, friendly people and their “fur babies”. At Sound®, pets are a big part of the culture. Not only are they part of our culture, we believe in the recent studies and articles stating that dogs lower stress levels. In almost every meeting there is at least one furry coworker and when you are having a ruff day there is usually a dog welcoming you with a wagging tail. Our pets are family and we provide top notch animal healthcare benefits to our employees. Seeing our pets in the office each day reminds us why we do what we do and makes our time at work that much more meaningful.


“Max is my wonderfully affectionate red mini-pin. Energetic and loving, I’ve had Max since he was just a tiny puppy in an adorable little green jacket. He comes into work with me every day to make sure I’m not slacking off and to get out of the house. He’s very protective, and has been dubbed “Satan’s Chihuahua” by most of the support team for his ridiculously high-pitched barks when “defending” me from some of the other pups around. Or maybe it has something to do with his penchant for lying down on asphalt to sun himself midday in the Summer. Sometimes he has more energy than sense, but that’s part of his charm. I definitely admit he’s not the easiest dog, nor is he the most behaved, but he tries hard and always knows when to curl up next to you. It wouldn’t be the same without him.”

– Dominic
Customer Support


“Maui, aka ‘Goobers’ or ‘Mau Mau’ was adopted late January 2015 after losing my dog Jake; my then 13 year old Shepard Mix. I went into our North County shelter here in Carlsbad to donate Jakes things as I wasn’t going to adopt another dog for a few months. As I was walking out of the kennel area and into the reception desk and all I could see were these floppy ears, like Jake’s and as I walked around the desk, there stood this goofy, young Shep Mix mutt patiently sitting beside a young man.

After convincing myself it was too soon, 6 hours later I found myself at the reception desk of the shelter asking if they remembered me from earlier and a shep mix that came around the same time. “Yes, he’s available for adoption.” And wow a whooping 15mins later I found myself a proud new mom of another Shep mix! Now Maui has, in most incidences, been named “Goober” because he is just still so goofy (outside of work) and awkward in his own body with all that puppy still. He has learned that cats are not to be batted around like his toys, enjoys trail jogs with his big brother, horse KO, and gets to come into work a few days a week. Maui also comes back and forth with me to the actual island of Maui where he loves to explore the island, rides shot gun on the jet ski, jumps off the boat, rides SUP and digs for crabs on the beach. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it, this guy won the lottery.

– Jackie
Customer Experience


This is Finn, the newest member of my family. I recently lost my dear Charlie of 16 yrs. I tried as long as I could (about a month) and couldn’t take it any longer, so Finn came in to my life. He is a bundle of energy and loves coming to work with me. He has become the official greeter at Sound. People come in and are greeted with an excited hello and a tail wag not to mention his little happy dance, he kind of spreads a little sunshine.

– Kathy


My Best Friend, Dolce came to me about 3 years ago. One day after work I decided to walk into the San Diego Humane Society. I wasn’t sure what would happen, or if I would even walk out with a new furry friend. I asked to have some play time with the fluffy brown doggy in the picture outside a cage. When they brought her out, she looked nothing like the picture. She was this skinny, hairless thing. At first she ran past me, but then immediately turned around and jumped on me giving me lots of kisses. I knew right away, she was the one. They didn’t have much info about her past, all they were able to tell me was that she was a stray. I am forever grateful for my Dolce, because she brought happiness back into my life! She loves to dance for treats, and Finn is her best friend! She also loves to run away to Maureen’s office for treats!

– Paloma