LOGIQ™ e Vet Expert




The LOGIQe Vet delivers high-resolution, versatility, and precision tools in a compact profile for virtually all shared service and specialty applications.

Affordability. Simplicity. Confidence.

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Follow Up Tool

Enables clinicians to easily replicate prior views, including matching scanning parameters, in order to create meaningful comparisons to the original study.

Auto-Optimization Tools

Customized one-click image presets optimized for veterinary applications.

Imaging To Go

Lightweight, portable and battery powered

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Clinical Confidence

GE Exclusive

Follow Up Tool

Enables clinicians to easily replicate prior views, including matching scanning parameters, in order to create meaningful comparisons to the original study.

Auto Optimization – Automatically adjusts parameters and image quality factors with tools for tissue (ATO) and spectral (ASO) optimization.

GE Exclusive


Wide range of applications that help to increase your system’s versatility


2.0 – 5.5 MHz


4.0 – 10.0 MHz


5.0 – 13.0 MHz


8.0 – 18.0 MHz


1.7 – 4.0 MHz


2.5 – 7.0 MHz

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Customized one-click image presets optimized for veterinary applications, permitting right-out-of-the-box imaging. The versatility of probes means you can use a single probe for many applications. eSmart Trainer provides on-screen image acquisition help.


Simultaneous Split Screen makes image comparison nearly automatic. Imaging to go: lightweight, portable and battery powered.


Tissues differentiation matters: The LOGIQe Vet imaging engine is separately optimized for each application. Enhanced Needle recognition.

eSmart Trainer

GE’s eSmart Trainer helps expand knowledge of ultrasound. One gets quick reference on LOGIQ™ e monitor of basic scanning techniques with examples of probe position, anatomy and sample clinical image.

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