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You can count on the LOGIQ™ F6 NextGEN for the image quality, productivity, and affordability that clinics demand in an ultrasound unit. The new LOGIQ Forward series LOGIQ™ F6 Vet NextGEN provides clinicians with an affordable way to diagnose with confidence by using high performance ultrasound.

Move Forward Confidently

Connectivity Options to PACS and Telemedicine


Large Touchscreen for ease of use


One Touch Image Optimization


Cardiac & Abominal Imaging

Take a Closer Look

Technology That Teaches

Transducer Placement

Probe position and angle

Animated Graphic

Anatomy and probe position

Reference Image

Desired anatomy and surrounding structures

Live Image

Current scan

GE Exclusive

Scan Coach

Scan Coach provides clinical reference images and animation that assists the new sonographer to become proficient and confident in Ultrasound.

Auto Optimization – Automatically adjusts parameters and image quality factors with tools for tissue (ATO) and spectral (ASO) optimization

Needle Recognition – Harnessing pattern recognition technology, the system provides precise display of the needle, anatomy and motion, even in Color and Power Doppler

Diagnostic Confidence

Superb Imaging

Built with many of the innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE ultrasound systems, providing the ability to image both very superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration. Advanced features like Phase-Inversion Harmonics and Speckle-Reduction Imaging to help enhance spatial and contrast resolution for outstanding image clarity. Innovative real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing techniques that enhance tissue and border definition.

GE Exclusive


Wide range of applications that help to increase your system’s versatility.


2.0 – 5.0 MHz


4.0 – 10.0 MHz


4.2 – 13.0 MHz


6.7 – 18.0 MHz


1.7 – 4.0 MHz
(Phased Array)


2.5 – 7.0 MHz
(Phased Array)

Select Features

Image Quality

Expertly optimized image settings such as Auto Optimization help quickly adjust image quality with the touch of a button, while personalized, simple-to-change settings provide flexible exams. The potential result: Enhanced productivity, standardized protocols, and additional patient focus.


Blood flow visualization
(Advanced Hemodynamic Imaging)

GE Raw Data

Helps shorten exam times by enabling users to quickly acquire data and then apply a wide variety of image processing after the exam.

Scan Assistant

Provides customizable automation to assist users at each step of an ultrasound exam, helping to reduce keystrokes and exam times. One study demonstrated a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time versus not using Scan Assistant.

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