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Customer Experience MATTERS

Whether you are a new customer or a loyal lifetime customer of SOUND®, we want to ensure every interaction you have with us from this website, our sales team to customer support, that each touch point is the very best experience for you and your practice. We have created a dedicated department that specializes in your experience with SOUND®. Feel confident and secure that SOUND® is the right partner in veterinary imaging and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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How Are We Doing?

SOUND® Overall Customer Satisfaction
SOUND® Customer Support Satisfaction

Each interaction we have with Sound is great! Amazing customer service and in a timely manner. They are always sure to keep us informed, they check in and update us each step they take. Great company with some of the best personnel.

M. Figuero - Eureka Animal Clinic

I was very pleased with the prompt, polite and professional service received. Thank you!!

S. Strehler - Nasa Pet Hospital

Outstanding technical support as always.

F. Kavanagh - Kavanagh Animal Hospital

Everyone is always helpful and does a great job.

G. Dallas - West 56th St. Veterinary Hospital

Some of the best customer support around!! ALWAYS quick and accurate.

M. Shane - Staples Mill Animal Hospital

Outstanding technical support, as always.

O. Ruldolphi - Rudolphi veterinary Services

Equipment works great! Images are crystal clear and easy to read. Love the ability to look at images from any of our workstations throughout the hospital and the high resolution monitor. Technical help is always available and they are always willing and able to help us. I would buy Sound again in a heartbeat!

N. McGarry - Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital

I have owned nothing but Sound equipment since I started my practice 9 years ago!! I wanted the best and knew which company had that. Have had multiple digital radiography machines and ultrasounds over the years that have all been great products. The technical support is also readily available and their loaner system is fantastic. I will always own Sound equipment!

N. Wessel - Cutting Edge Equine Veterinary Services

I looked at three different companies and after a conversation with a radiologist, we chose to go with Sound. Very pleased with our decision, the products and support.

C. Roberge - Prairie Animal Hospital

Very quick resolution of my problem. I have been so pleased with this company.

J. Bowers - Harris Farms

Sound has the best equipment and the best educational support.

K. Cerreti - Alpine Animal Hospital

I have been a Sound customer for many years and value the excellent customer service and high quality images obtained from equipment.

B. Beale - Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

Excellent customer service, attention to detail, and great communication from sales to installation.

J. Helligso - Cascade Veterinary Clinic Inc

Very helpful and courteous. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Sound.

J. Rowan - Carver Lake Veterinary Center

The service has been superb from the sales representative to the trainer, and the equipment is much more user friendly with great images.

B. GienEnvigo - Global Manager Surgery Program

Great interaction with sales team; quick processing on orders. 100% great!

M. Radcliff - MSA Security, Inc.

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