CereTom® CT

Portable, Small Animal CT

Now you can perform real-time, advanced imaging with a wireless, battery-powered, self- shielded CT scanner in virtually any room of your clinic – including the surgical suite. Then roll it against the wall when you’re done to make best use of that prime floorspace.

CT That Fits Any Practice

With Innovation, New Possibilities Emerge

CereTom CT
On-Board Reconstruction Computer

Dedicated Windows-based computer generates fully reconstructed MPR and 3-D images within seconds of acquisition.


Lead-lined gantry allows scanning in any room with no buildout.

Battery Powered

Cordless operation that continuously recharges via standard 110V electrical outlet.

Wireless Connectivity

No cords needed from scanner to workstation to PACS to Cloud.


Easily roll from room-to-room or against the wall between uses to maximize floorspace efficiency.

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Quick & Easy Workflow that Seamlessly Integrates to your Practice

CereTom® CT 3:46

With an intuitive software interface on a laptop workstation, workflow for sedating and scanning a patient has never been easier. During an 8-minute sedation, you can position, scan, and review images of the patient all while being close enough to the self-shielded scanner to monitor its vitals.

Versatility in Imaging

CT That Fits Any Budget

CereTom®, being a battery powered, wirelessly connected, self-shielded, and portable CT scanner, avoids you the expenses and hassle of engineering buildout and high- end electrical retrofitting. Instead, this is a plug-and-play option that has you scanning on the same day as delivery. In fact, because you can roll the scanner into the surgical suite to scan, you can add pre- and post-op scans into your workflow and revenue stream.

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SOUND® is proud to partner with Samsung NeuroLogica and it’s line of CT scanners. With up to 50 veterinary installations and growing, the CereTom® has proven to be a valuable asset in the small animal clinic.


Floor space is a premium in veterinary clinics. Expanding your offerings by providing CT to your clients formerly involved expensive build-outs that include lead-lined walls, 3-phase 480V electrical in a dedicated 14’ x 20’ suite with adjacent control room with lead glass. Now any tech in your practice can roll a wireless, battery-powered, self- shielded CT scanner into virtually any room of your clinic – including the surgical suite – to perform real-time advanced imaging.


With full 3D and Mutli-Planar Reconstructions generated within SECONDS of image acquisition by way of an on-board reconstruction computer, CereTom® offers an immediate and powerful tool to your diagnostic arsenal.


Unlike Cone Beam technology which has diagnostic shortcomings in contrast-resolution for larger anatomies and soft-tissue sections of the thorax and abdomen, CereTom® ‘s multi-slice acquisition offers reliable diagnostic power throughout the full anatomy. Also, since your CereTom® comes with unlimited cloud storage with Antech Imaging Services, a radiologist read is only a click away.

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